Friday, December 7, 2018

The mutant guinea pig EP1

The mutant guinea pig EP1 writing.

This guinea pig looks like a normal guinea pig but just wait for what happens in this story and watch the slides go by. The guinea pig was owned and loved by the president's doter. Then one day she let her guinea pig runaround in her bake yard she left it to play with its toy’s and went inside to get a drink of water… when she came out to get her guinea pig and take it inside there was no guinea pig then she realised that there was a hole in the fens and her guinea pig must have run away in to the forest, then she heard on the news that night that a meter hit very close to the presidents nukeulerfactory then she realised that it must have hit her guinea pig because the meter had a big aftershock of radiation and thousands of people died from the exposure to radiation and the explosion its self. she realised that she needed to get a radiation suit on before the radiation reaches her town… she rushes down to the basement and grabs one of the radiation suits off the coat hanger and grabs a flashlight just in case she needs it at night... and her phone and sets off looking for her guinea pig… TO BE CONTINUED.

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